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The camera work pans out often to highlight the world, and the entire adventure is more deserving of the “odyssey” label than its big brother series.

That book and other such lists overlook many deserving names—the unsung geniuses overshadowed by more publicity-savvy rivals or under-appreciated because of when and where they lived.

So many teams deserve a look even if their deserving of a look might owe something to pandemic schedule distortions.

We are more than deserving of fair pay for the great and essential value we add to our country’s economy and wellbeing.

From Fortune

UCF put pressure on the new four-team playoff, and if the playoff leaves out more deserving unbeatens this December, surely those teams will join the chorus.

Are there undeserving, even fraudulent people receiving welfare/food/housing assistance?

Romney implied that these folks are lazy and undeserving, always looking for a handout.

The underlying message: Daniels was undeserving to be a mother because of her adult career.

He describes a strategy he uses where he lets his opponent win a few undeserving rounds, similar to a rope-a-dope in boxing.

An utterly undeserving wretch defeated a neophyte vulgarian.

The undeserving were not treated with quite the same indulgence.

If I had any faith it was very weak, for I felt deeply conscious we were entirely undeserving such a favor.

A heart full of love and gratitude to you for all your kindness in thought and act to me, undeserving.

The wife who forgets her duty to the man she has espoused is undeserving the respect of society.

Tempest, if you are going to be kind-hearted or sympathetic to undeserving rascals, I shall have to part company with you!


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