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On this page you'll find 4 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to Trojan horse, such as: decoy, and subversive device.

How to use Trojan horse in a sentence

  • Following the 2004 movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, Canakkale bought the Trojan horse used in the film and put it in a public park.

  • Opponents saw her as a Trojan horse for the ousted president, dubbing her Xiomel, a conflation of the couple's nicknames.

  • He might have made you think of the Trojan horse—innocuous without, but teeming with belligerent activity within.

  • The Trojan horse, the grand successful stratagem, may be considered as the outcome.

    Homer's Odyssey | Denton J. Snider
  • In some ways, the ancient Trojan horse is an early example of deception.

    Shock and Awe | Harlan K. Ullman
  • The next whim of this vain, fantastic, and crazy man, was to prove that the Trojan horse could really have been constructed.

    Haunted London | Walter Thornbury
  • There was no lack of guests at the Trojan horse, where we had taken up our abode at Valladolid.

    The Bible in Spain | George Borrow

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