traveling bag

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On this page you'll find 3 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to traveling bag, such as: ditty bag, and duffle bag.

How to use traveling bag in a sentence

  • He paid his modest account, took his traveling-bag, and started for the Vose line pier.

    Blow The Man Down | Holman Day
  • Presently, after she had disappeared, he turned to the colored man who stood waiting, Bibbs's traveling-bag in his hand.

    The Turmoil | Booth Tarkington
  • And of course in a bunk flat as a pancake one does not look for a sizable traveling bag stuffed with all manner of things.

    Gypsy Flight | Roy J. Snell
  • Here in the gloom of early morning was the dark-faced woman claiming that her traveling bag had been taken.

    Gypsy Flight | Roy J. Snell
  • There, well flattened out beneath the blankets, lay a flexible leather traveling bag.

    Gypsy Flight | Roy J. Snell

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