tin ear

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On this page you'll find 3 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to tin ear, such as: bad ear, no ear, and poor ear.

How to use tin ear in a sentence

  • While McCain was at his most gracious, it was his audience who had the tin-ear.

  • Now git out o' the way o' the dust, all of yez, or Ill put a tin ear on ye!'

    Atlantic Narratives | Mary Antin
  • He knew The Oskaloosa Kid well, and he knew him as an ex-pug with a pock marked face, a bullet head, and a tin ear.

    The Oakdale Affair | Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Most all of them threatened him with a rectangular head, a tin ear, or a watch pocket under the eye He didn't seem to care much.

    Remarks | Bill Nye
  • Again Bill pinched the sculptor, who inclined his tin ear for counsel.

    Good References | E. J. Rath
  • Save for the twisted nose and the tin ear, he was an undeniably fine specimen.

    Good References | E. J. Rath

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