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That will probably be a theme for the whole year, but it is good timing for us to reset, focus on our game, get some key guys back and get other guys back who are nursing some things.
That almost cost me my life, but it’s also the things that saved my life.
“Probably more can be done than just masks and distancing because we are doing all those things and if that alone was enough, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” he said.
If you’ve been struggling to give your business the boost it deserves, implementing these strategies will go a long way in turning things around.
To say that a certain percentage of our population is not able to do these things in this day and age is not morally right, it’s not fair, and it is has to be dealt with.
Those who do get vaccinated may be disappointed to find out how little it changes things.
You know, there was really not a lot of things to do but show up for work and play football.
They’re still going to call holdings and do those things, but within reason they’ll let you play.
And, maybe, if things fall right, he could stack multiple Super Bowls on top of last year’s championship.
There are families where all three of those things are important, or where one piece of that three-piece pie is way bigger than the other two.


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