Thesaurus / take arms


Others, who would have gladly staid at home, found that their only safety was to take arms, and join the camp.

The unfeeling barbarity of this act so greatly exasperated Gulielmo that he ordered his people to take arms for his revenge.

Few of the abuses that had caused the people to take arms had been rectified.

When called upon to enroll their names and take arms for the city's defence, they refused.

They hated the Revolution, not enough to take arms against it, but enough to refuse to defend it.

Lectures on the French RevolutionJohn Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

Only they must not join their clan or take arms with them until this battle is over.

John SplendidNeil Munro

Those who refuse to take arms have many pretexts, but the real cause is want of heart.

Judges and RuthRobert A. Watson

They never had spirit enough to take arms and fight, but meekly bowed their heads.

A Short History of ItalyHenry Dwight Sedgwick

She had had too few real love affairs not to take arms at once at such an imputation cast upon her prowess.

VagabondiaFrances Hodgson Burnett

Raoul of Ivry promptly counselled the Duke to take arms against the offender.

The NormansSarah Orne Jewett
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