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I connect strongly with his concept of making medicine that is both useful for public health and conducive to building a successful company.
The part of the document that Pierik disputes strongly suggests that Assemblyman Todd Gloria, who’s running for mayor, knew what was going on.
Their chapter was almost like an ethnography about this group of parents in New York that felt really strongly about the fact that they didn’t want their kids to be surveilled.
The study quotes Google’s Gary Illyes who said, “If you were paying attention to actually writing for your users instead of machines, then I strongly believe that you are already optimized for voice search.”
The model might use these data sets to spit out a list of voters ranked on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being those most likely to strongly support the cause.
The other is that it will determine, or at least strongly influence, your risk of injury.
As I’ve mentioned before, I strongly believe that people know best.
Whichever one you choose we strongly recommend you stick to that one.
In 25 years of studying public opinion in the UK, I’ve hardly ever seen seven in ten Brits strongly support anything.
Many of us, when we feel strongly about something — an environmental issue or a social or economic issue — we’re inclined to put forth a moral argument.


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