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On this page you'll find 24 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to spiritualism, such as: cabala, cabalism, kabala, kabbalism, pietism, and quietism.

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  • Nevertheless, the triumph of West Coast spiritualism over East Coast secularism has civilization-wide implications.

  • All three were anxious," Gray writes, "that the rise of spiritualism would block the advance of scientific materialism.

  • The miracles are believed in by many, but spiritualism lags far behind the Mormon theology, and probably always will do.

  • That which goes by the names of clairvoyance and spiritualism is based solely upon an unreasoning credulity.

  • After a time clairvoyance was replaced by spiritualism, and I was again challenged to test the virtue of mediums.

  • Such a culmination has been attained by the believers in Modern spiritualism.

    Mystic London: | Charles Maurice Davies
  • The fact that I do so shows, at all events, that I have looked seriously at spiritualism since.

    Mystic London: | Charles Maurice Davies

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