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This complicates management of this species, as the same person who recognizes the commercial and ecological importance of sima may view the pestrushka as a common species that can be exploited.
They came up with a measure for hurricane activity experienced by each species based on how many times it was hit by these severe storms.
For a species that went extinct, you’d expect a sort of decline at some point, and we don’t see that.
It is an unparalleled way for a species to enhance their evolutionary experimentation—their search engine—by using functional gene variants, just re-mixed into different genomes.
Further, changing the genetic makeup of a species also has ethical consequences that would need to be weighed by those who might be affected, from farmers to conservationists.
The usual answer is that, by reshuffling genes with every generation, sex creates new genetic combinations, detaches beneficial mutations from harmful ones and gives a species a degree of evolutionary flexibility.
In fact, it seems we as a species are trapped by a global work crisis, which condemns people to cast away their time just to get by in their day-to-day lives.
In this issue, freelance writer Stephen Ornes takes us to Appalachia, where he chronicles scientists’ dogged work to restore an endangered species of mussel, the golden riffleshell.
If more species originate than go extinct, then species richness increases.
Kristen Dahl, a marine ecologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, says she’s surprised even more fish didn’t turn up as starfish predators, given the breadth of species Kroon’s team sampled.


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