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If you want to change someone’s behavior, you can try all manner of sophisticated manipulation techniques.
The way we have been thinking about it is to use technology to approach this in a more sophisticated way.
That process got even more sophisticated, he said, in the early 2000s when political data operations began categorizing voters by how early they tended to send in their ballots.
Japan and South Korea already have highly sophisticated nuclear power industries, and supply reactors to most of the world — the Emirati reactor is of Korean design.
One of the richest tech companies, with some of the most sophisticated AI capabilities, had just paired up with one of the world’s top makers of robots.
The ability to think about another person’s mind is one of the most sophisticated adaptations of the human brain.
These philosophers argue that language not only allows us to communicate with each other, but also makes our mental lives more sophisticated than those that lack language.
The immune system is complex, and it requires sophisticated coordination among a range of cells and molecules within the body.
This means that it could one day be possible to fix an ear or other surface tissue defects—either genetic or from injuries—directly at the injury site by basically waving a sophisticated light wand.
Finally, by the last decade of the 13th century, the Crusaders lost all their coastal strongholds in a piecemeal fashion to the increasingly sophisticated siege warfare practiced by the Mamluks.


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