Synonyms for sidereal time

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


This is sidereal time which agrees with mean time on March 22d, and gains on the latter at the rate of two hours a month.

If the clock gains or loses with respect to sidereal time, take this into account in the value of U.

When the hour circle passing through Sirius coincides with the meridian, the sidereal time is 6h.

The sidereal time at any moment is the right ascension of the hour circle which at that moment coincides with the meridian.

Having set the clock approximately to sidereal time, observe one or two more stars in the same way as above.

Sidereal time was determined by observing transits of stars over a meridian line actually laid out upon the ground, etc.

One can not tell off-hand whether 10 hours, sidereal time, falls in the day or in the night.

Sidereal time commences when the vernal equinox is on the meridian, just as solar time commences when the sun is on the meridian.

A capital bit of horology, the pendulum of which is usually compensated to sidereal time, for astronomical purposes.

He assigns the Parthenon to a hill of ages, and the temples of Upper Egypt to sidereal time.