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At the bottom it was 72 feet wide, and the shoalest place has 26 feet in depth.

It is anchored on the shoalest part of the reef by a rope with a heavy stone made fast to the end of it.

When the measurements indicate that the yawl is approaching the shoalest part of the reef, the command is given to 'ease all!'

It has a depth of 3½ fathoms on the shoalest part, deepening gradually on all sides for a considerable distance.

In summer hake are abundant here, and halibut are quite plentiful in July on the shoalest part.

The inner parts are shoalest, and the bottom there is sharp rocks and broken ground.

Depths here range from 30 on the shoalest parts to 60 fathoms, the bottom being of tough blue clay.

Here are depths of from 75 to 80 fathoms over a hard gravelly bottom, the shoalest water being some 65 fathoms.

As the cutter passed the shoalest part she struck twice, but so lightly as to occasion neither damage nor delay.

As I expected, the shoalest spot was the inlet; but in this, which I sounded thoroughly, there was nowhere less than five.