Thesaurus / resilient


Building a more resilient form of globalization will require action by both CEOs and policymakers.
Still, security-focused grants aren’t the best way to make communities more resilient against storms and floods.
Since then, the crypto industry’s two flagship currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have bounced back significantly, though both are currently at around 60% of their all time highs, and the industry as a whole has proved resilient.
CEO Craig Menear said several factors explain why home spending is proving to be so resilient.
So, actually, what we need to have is a much more resilient economy — which, actually, a circular economy is much more resilient than a linear.
They’re educating teens about climate-resilient crops that’ll survive the next big flood.
We must create what Hamza Mudassire of the University of Cambridge calls a “resilient ecosystem that links multiple buyers with multiple vendors, across a mesh of supply chains.”
That large group of atoms offers a built-in redundancy that makes classical bits resilient.
With fewer urchins, different kinds of kelp could thrive, creating a more diverse and resilient forest.
People are not infinitely adaptable or resilient or eager to become software engineers, or whatever ridiculous solution is being proposed.


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