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He took his own stand upon those which the great body of his countrymen reprobated as criminal, or derided as paradoxical.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME XIIIJOHN LORD
The unenlightened world reprobated the theory much, and the practice more.TALES AND NOVELS, VOLUME 3 (OF 10)MARIA EDGEWORTH
Could a man in gaol, dishonored and reprobated, take effectual means to recover the arrears which he was called upon to pay?THE WORKS OF THE RIGHT HONOURABLE EDMUND BURKE, VOL. XI. (OF 12)EDMUND BURKE
Loveless marriage was reprobated by Tennyson, and Mr. Hughes goes into ecstacies over the tremendous fact.FLOWERS OF FREETHOUGHTGEORGE W. FOOTE
Was ever bed of sloth more eloquently reprobated than in the following lines from the Seasons?THE MIRROR OF LITERATURE, AMUSEMENT, AND INSTRUCTION, VOL. 10, NO. 283, 17 NOV 1827VARIOUS
The minority in parliament reprobated the employment of mercenary troops, in strong and unmeasured terms.GREAT EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICACHARLES A. GOODRICH
When he produced a tragedy, the world expected a finished piece; it was acted, and reprobated.CURIOSITIES OF LITERATURE, VOL. 1 (OF 3)ISAAC D'ISRAELI
Any breach of the sanctities of family life is invariably reprobated.THE ROMAN POETS OF THE REPUBLICWILLIAM YOUNG SELLAR
Lastly, altars which have been built at the instigation of dreams, or the empty revelations of men, are altogether reprobated.CHURCHES AND CHURCH ORNAMENTSWILLIAM DURANDUS
The majority then reprobated the line of policy which he adopted and which has since been unanimously approved by the nation.AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR INFLUENCEALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE ET AL.


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