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The ratchet wheel and pawl shown in fig. 48 are part of the lubricator.

We think a ratchet wheel should not be employed with equidistant pallets.

On the side of the clock case was a contact maker, which closed the circuit by the pin on the ratchet wheel, R, once every minute.

The L lever carries a pawl which operates a ratchet wheel, placed on the handle end of the slide rest cross feed screw.

At every quarter mile, on many lines, are straining-posts with ratchet wheel winders, for tightening the wires.

Adjusting the diaphragm contact on the ratchet wheel will change the tone of the horn.

ClickThe click, pawl, or dog, is a necessary accessory of a ratchet wheel.

It is held lightly against the periphery of the ratchet wheel by a small spring known as the ratchet spring.

RatchetThe pawl, or dog, which engages in the teeth of a ratchet wheel and prevents it from turning backward.

H′′, is a ratchet wheel, mounted upon the same shaft h′′′, as the pinion h′.