Antonyms for plumber

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(f) When a blacksmith, tinsmith, or plumber have tried to repair a case, Fig. 189.

Why, a plumber would be ashamed to take as long as that over a job!

It is below the dignity of my page to put a plumber on it, yet I have endured occasions!

You had better return to Plumber, or Saint George and the dragon.

You saw the fellow who let you in at the school gates, Plumber?

Tradition says that the plumber fainted and died in Ushborne's house.

Will you have Paul Veronese to paint your ceiling, or the plumber from over the way?

I'm a perfeckly honest Baptist plumber, and I kin prove it, too.'

Well, the plumber who fixed them has just come in to have a prescription filled.

She married a plumber with a romantic name, and her rise has been rapid.