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  • And we have no evidence that the personal name of an individual ever became a hereditary totem name of an exogamous clan or kin.

  • Thus a male of "clan" Pelican has the personal name "Pouch of a Pelican."

  • “Montaigne the Essayist”—that has become, as it were, a personal name in literary history.

    French Classics | William Cleaver Wilkinson
  • Agiʻlĭ—“He is rising,” possibly a contraction of an old personal name, Agin′-agiʻlĭ, “Rising-fawn.”

    Myths of the Cherokee | James Mooney
  • Gûñskăli′skĭ—a masculine personal name of uncertain etymology.

    Myths of the Cherokee | James Mooney

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