personal effects

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On this page you'll find 9 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to personal effects, such as: bag and baggage, impedimenta, personal estate, personal items, personal property, and worldly goods.

How to use personal effects in a sentence

  • Peters was also there, packing up the personal effects of the dead man preparatory to vacating the apartment.

    In the Onyx Lobby | Carolyn Wells
  • Regulations provided that two officers must inventory his personal effects and those belonging to the Space Service.

    Unwise Child | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • They were first to give into her hands all their personal effects, which she would bury under the lodge.

  • Suffice it to say we come vested with authority to take possession of his personal effects.

  • House, horses, and most personal effects are destroyed; but if children are left, a little property is reserved for them.

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