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In terms of job loss, the longer unemployment persists, the more likely it is to be permanent.

Major body size changes to other island dwarfs might have also occurred soon after the animals arrived on islands, and just persisted over millennia, Baxter-Gilbert says.

Both buy- and sell-side sources remain wary of things worsening, and none are willing to bet on whether the stability that’s marked much of the year’s second half will persist into next year.

These figures do not include the additional cost of rebuilding damaged physical assets or the destruction of shareholder value, which may persist for some time after the shock.

On the other hand, the fact that decreases in the power of alpha waves persisted when the subjects had their eyes closed points to the effect being real, if difficult to understand.

Rain totals of 1 to 3 inches seem like a good bet, and could end up more like 2 to 4 inches if heavier bands of rain persist.

More than five decades later, significant racial disparities persist in health care.

Additionally, there’s the issue of whether, once delisted, the wolves will be able to persist.

Old alphanumeric phone numbers mostly persist only as geezer computer passwords.

One 2019 study by researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence projected that, if current trends persist, the field won’t reach gender parity in the 21st century.


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