periodic table

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A modernised form of the Periodic Table will be found on pp. 106, 107.

There are several somewhat different forms of this Periodic Table.

All of these had their atomic weights found, and fell into that new column in the periodic table.

Carbon stands at the head of a family of elements in the fourth group in the periodic table.

As would be expected from its place in the periodic table, silicon resembles carbon in many respects.

The elements iron, cobalt, and nickel form a group in the eighth column of the periodic table.

Tin and lead, together with silicon and germanium, form a family in Group IV of the periodic table.

Following iron, nickel, and cobalt in the eighth column of the periodic table are two groups of three elements each.

The rare, radioactive element just below uranium in the periodic table of the elements, the element used to power this very ship!