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The team has one patent granted and one pending for their technologies, she adds.
Later he worked at a public company in the patent licensing space.
When Solovine and Habicht left, it was just Einstein and Besso, walking home together from the patent office, discussing the nature of space and time and, as always, Mach.
The number of patent applications that concern AI, for instance, has roughly doubled from 30,000 to 60,000 in the past 15 years, and AI-related inventions now account for 15% of overall applications.
Though ABS had invested heavily in the development of this technology, it did not seek a patent, allowing competitors to gain access.
First-party customer data from call tracking, chat vendors and on-site form submissions are piped into the system, and then SherloQ rates and assigns each lead with an Ad Rank Score, while also accounting for bio-patented feedback from the end-user.
There would be no legal basis for this course of action—Bayh-Dole only allows the government to grab patents in rare instances such as where a company is not making a product widely available.
The next president needs to advocate for common-sense measures ensuring that patents are actually granted only to truly novel ideas, for limited periods of time.
Mastercard is now “one of the largest patent holders in the space of central bank digital currencies,” he added.
Raytheon generally develops between 500 and 600 new patents a year—but this year, the company’s patent applications are down about 50%, Hayes said.


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