Thesaurus / palates


We were blinded to everything except the dictates of our palates.

My Attainment of the PoleFrederick A. Cook

The strong men have eaten and drunk to gratify their palates; the weak have eaten food to live.

I knew, indeed, that the sufferings of monarchs make a delicious repast to some sort of palates.

There with your palates parching with pain your motto should be 'Speak Easy' for the sake of the Cause.

L. P. M.J. Stewart Barney

These dishes, though much too highly seasoned for European palates, are considered great dainties by the Limeños.

Yes, they usually take it more readily than adults, for the latters' palates are generally spoilt.

In America, religion is served up with sauces to suit all palates.

No man can be a poet / That is not a good cook, to know the palates / And several tastes of the time.

And our stuffing of it will have a bad flavour to their palates, mark me.

A Pilgrim MaidMarion Ames Taggart

The viands, though of peculiar flavor, were in the main pleasing to the palates of the Earthly visitors.

The Skylark of SpaceEdward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby
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