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This version of TheDonald, while very similar in form to what had lived on Reddit, spiraled further toward more outlandish and dangerous speech.
The more she does outlandish things, the more she will be criticized, and the more she will use the criticism as evidence of her silencing, and the more money she will raise, the more she will win.
From building an underwater wall 120 kilometers long to try to save a glacier to cloud seeding an area three times the size of Spain to increase rainfall, it seems there’s no project too outlandish to at least consider—if not put into action.
Any sports fan or political partisan will be familiar with the emotional rush that conspiracy theorists feel when saying outlandish things.
Without an understanding of the deep theoretical ideas behind it, axions just seemed outlandish.
The Flight Attendant somehow takes this outlandish crime scenario and transforms it into something of a shared experience — one that we can giddily judge and rejoice that we aren’t actually having ourselves.
Smartmatic’s potential lawsuits could also serve to bring judicial scrutiny of some of the more outlandish claims—like plots by Venezuela to rig the election—advanced by the likes of Giuliani and Powell.
This is great at finding those outlandish queries that you may not have necessarily thought about or seen elsewhere.
Making outlandish predictions that tend to come true is largely the story of Kurzweil’s life, as Fortune noted four years ago.
Complaints often involved outlandish-sounding allegations, like someone voting, then removing their hat, shaving their mustache, and getting back in line to vote again.


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