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Such proteins might seem unlikely to evolve because natural selection for the first shape and function could easily be detrimental to the second, and vice versa.

For this capacity to be a target of natural selection, however, the new information that dreaming discovers must provide at least some periodic survival benefit.

In that sense, there is a kind of natural selection taking place for human information itself, like a bottleneck or founder effect in biological evolution.

The virus is not static, and although the mutations are random, natural selection will lead to variants that are more capable of infecting and replicating in human beings.

The famous 19th-century correspondence between Charles Darwin and Wallace, which prompted Darwin to quickly finalize his own writings on natural selection, is one example of such competition.

Darwin was a British Scientist who developed the theory of evolution and natural selection.

His observations of the many varieties of Finch birds in the Galapagos Island led him to solidify his theory of natural selection.

This crucial point—the third and most crucial condition for natural selection—is absent from the paper.

I suppose the main argument goes like this: We are no longer subject to Darwinian natural selection.

We have taken the reigns of natural selection to become the chief agents of the evolutionary process.

It was decided to let the law of natural selection operate freely.

By a system of evolution and working of the law of natural selection, four families use the house at the same time.

Natural selection plus geographical and ecological isolation has undoubtedly been operative in speciation and in subspeciation.

Dr. Roth has conjectured that phratries were introduced "by a process of natural selection" to regulate the food supply.

Natural selection acts by suppressing, or developing, structurally distributed colour.


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