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First, Wall and all-star guard Bradley Beal have a long-standing partnership and a mutual respect.

Restaurant workers without documents never received benefits at all and have been getting by through patchwork charity and mutual aid operations.

From Eater

Many organizations drew their scope in and focused on a small number of key partnerships based on mutual trust.

From Digiday

Wall Street banks such as Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase have bundled about $550 billion worth of commercial mortgages into securities and sold them as investments to pension funds, life insurance companies and mutual funds.

Such bondholders are typically mutual funds, pension funds and other institutional investors.

But fun and insight are not always mutually exclusive, certainly not here.

And so it goes, another chapter written in the mutually abusive relationship of bad government and bad culture.

There were two superpowers, they knew what we had, we knew what they had, mutually assured destruction meant something.

Or was it a further stage in a mutually agreed transaction between civil rights and national security?

In geopolitics, the doctrine of mutually assured destruction prevents the use of weapons of mass destruction against a foe.

The exile and the maiden, in short, fell in love with each other, and they mutually vowed never to be parted but by force.

We shook each other by the hand, and congratulated one another mutually, as if we had done some great and heroic deed.

You must invite only such guests as will mutually please, and you must be careful about introductions.

It enables the hostess to place those whom she is certain will be mutually entertaining, next each other.

Had they been Frenchmen, they would have rushed into each other's arms and saluted mutually on either cheek.


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