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He had been down into the bottom-most pit of hell, and the sights that he had seen there had withered him up.LOVE'S PILGRIMAGEUPTON SINCLAIR
Hume and Holbach had much in common intellectually, although the latter was far more thoroughgoing in his repudiation of Theism.BARON D'HOLBACHMAX PEARSON CUSHING
Malthus was not a thoroughgoing supporter of the 'do-nothing' doctrine.THE ENGLISH UTILITARIANS, VOLUME II (OF 3)LESLIE STEPHEN
We are not even sure that, in a thoroughgoing civic catastrophe, Dr. Straton would escape.SEEING THINGS AT NIGHTHEYWOOD BROUN
The top-most bud waits only through the twelve hours of a single day to open.THE COLLEGE, THE MARKET, AND THE COURTCAROLINE H. DALL
Her father had no son living, therefore she was an only child, and the most-sought-after of any maiden in that band.RED HUNTERS AND THE ANIMAL PEOPLECHARLES A. EASTMAN
The noblest and most-varied scenery in the north-west Himalaya is in the catchment area of the Jhelam.THE PANJAB, NORTH-WEST FRONTIER PROVINCE, AND KASHMIRSIR JAMES MCCRONE DOUIE
It was called then the Charles Street gang, and none but the thoroughgoing cared to belong to it.ENDYMIONBENJAMIN DISRAELI
The men were a fine lot, and such thoroughgoing Americans, no matter from what country their parents had come.WAR IN THE GARDEN OF EDENKERMIT ROOSEVELT
The birds were filling the top-most branches, a gathering of the clans, evidently, for the day's start.ROOF AND MEADOWDALLAS LORE SHARP


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