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The Dorian was in a minor scale, and was considered to be manly and vigorous.

There is scarcely a fair throughout Europe at which such feats are not exhibited on a minor scale.

The South Downs present similar characteristics on a minor scale.

Even in my enforced leisure down here it is almost too strong for me, and I indulge in it on a minor scale by way of recreation.

But on a minor scale the same process of making over takes place.

This system prevails in all of the State prisons, but, of course, upon a minor scale.

A minor scale having the same signature as a major scale is said to be its relative minor.

A minor scale beginning with the same tone as a major scale is referred to as its tonic minor.

The original (or primitive) form of the minor scale has its tones arranged as follows.

The minor scale form having major sixth and major seventh above tonic to be called Melodic Minor.