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Your compass, as just explained, points to the magnetic north.

His gaze shivered and fixed itself on the Master's, as in a compass-box you may see the needle tremble to magnetic north.

The outer dial rotated as soon as the cover lock was released and came to a stop pointing to magnetic north.

(Egede Land), which lies to the north-west (to the north there is no land, unless the magnetic north is meant).

It must be remembered that in one case I speak of the true north, and in the other of the magnetic north.

The whole arises from the system adopted of laying down the boundaries by the magnetic north instead of by the true.

If to the magnetic North the needle will have but one barb away from the true North.

Her perception of the invisible was as sensitive as the needle of a compass to the thrill of the magnetic north.

The main building is built in the form of a cross, with its chief front to the magnetic north.

The variation from the magnetic north is shown on the ground plan, which was made in December, 1890.