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The engine parts were in forgings and needed only to be machined.

It is ductile, is not affected by immersion in sea-water, and can be machined.

Three hundred of these malleable castings are machined in nine hours.

The difficulty apparently was the result of the sprockets being cast and not machined.

The part to be turned is a hub casting for an automobile and it is machined in two series of operations.

The part to be machined is held to the table B either by clamps or in chuck jaws attached to the table.

Work that is to be turned or bored should first be set so that the part to be machined is about central with the table.

It can then be machined with comparative ease and be subsequently hardened or tempered.

Valve stem guides and valve stems must be machined very accurately to insure correct action.

The cam-shafts shown at Figs. 133 and 134, B, are of the latter type, as the cams are machined integrally.


1540s, "structure of any kind," from Middle French machine "device, contrivance," from Latin machina "machine, engine, military machine; device, trick; instrument" (cf. Spanish maquina, Italian macchina), from Greek makhana, Doric variant of mekhane "device, means," related to mekhos "means, expedient, contrivance," from PIE *maghana- "that which enables," from root *magh- (1) "to be able, have power" (cf. Old Church Slavonic mogo "be able," Old English mæg "I can;" see may (v.)).

Main modern sense of "device made of moving parts for applying mechanical power" (1670s) probably grew out of mid-17c. senses of "apparatus, appliance" and "military siege-tower." In late 19c. slang the word was used for both "penis" and "vagina," one of the few so honored. Political sense is U.S. slang, first recorded 1876. Machine age is attested by 1851:

Machine for living (in) "house" translates Le Corbusier's machine à habiter (1923).


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.