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SWAP litmus paper IN A SENTENCE

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Dip your litmus paper first into one, then into the other, and then back into the first.

"Like litmus paper under the influence of an acid," explains Guncotton.

The liquid is known to be acid by its action on litmus paper.

Litmus paper is not necessary when I determine a soil to be acid or alkali.

The water restored the colour of litmus paper slightly reddened.

A piece of litmus paper moistened in solution of common salt or sulphate of soda, was quickly reddened at p.

Then drop in additions of the portion left aside, until the mixture is just acid to litmus paper.

Litmus paper remained either red or blue when stuck into the jelly.

Mix some of the suspected soil with a little water and bury the litmus paper in the mixture.

The degree of acidity is regulated by litmus paper (the blue specimen), which should be slightly reddened by it.