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The neck, or collet, of the button is japanned after being stamped and cut.

In addition to japanned wares there are trays of paper pulp ornamented with mother-o'-pearl and richly decorated with gold.

Hence Birmingham japanned goods wear better than those goods which receive a priming previous to japanning.

The japanned case hides the guiding agency, whatever it may be.

There is a japanned iron frame enclosing and holding the working parts, consisting of a base, four upright posts, and a top plate.

Why didn't they purloin a beer-stein, quiescent on a japanned tray?

When the wine was well-nigh spent, they brought to their masters long pipes and japanned boxes filled with sweet-scented.

AudreyMary Johnston

And there was the japanned tin case fastened to the end of it.

The MoonstoneWilkie Collins

Chilian took his japanned case of important papers; the rest of the luggage would be sent after inspection.

A Little Girl in Old SalemAmanda Minnie Douglas

It has some manufactories of machinery and japanned goods, and a considerable trade in timber and livestock.

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