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The bishop and Hacker melted into tears as they bade their master farewell.

This morning Hacker and Axtell were hanged and quartered, as the rest are.

Then Colonel Hacker said I might go home, and keep at home, and not go abroad to meetings.

Vastly impressive and weird is Mr. Hacker's "And there was a great cry in Egypt."

I directed my hacker to my apartment, and grabbed the phone in the bubble.

But Jonathan made as though the whole thing was nonsense, and wouldn't let neither Thomas nor Hacker move a pebble.

It's in a hacker's nature to question conventions and be tempted by intricate problems.

She made to go in, for Hacker was sitting on his horse at her very door; but that weren't enough for him.

"The more comes out, the more it looks as if he'd better be kept away," said Mr. Hacker.

"Hacker naturally thinks that your brother is still living," explained Charity.


"a chopper, cutter," perhaps also "one who makes hacking tools," early 13c. (as a surname), agent noun from hack (v.1). Meaning "one who gains unauthorized access to computer records" is attested by 1983, agent noun from hack (v.2). Said to be from slightly earlier tech slang sense of "one who works like a hack at writing and experimenting with software, one who enjoys computer programming for its own sake," 1976, reputedly a usage that evolved at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (however an MIT student from the late 1960s recalls hack (n.) being used then and there in the general sense of "creative prank," which clouds its sense connection with the "writing for hire" word, and there may be a source or an influence here in hack (v.1)).


computer geek

nouncomputer expert
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.