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In the immediate vicinity of the house, vinca minor (periwinkle) is used as ground cover.

The ground cover is sparce; apparently only a few small herbs and ferns live on the heavily shaded forest floor.

Trees are too scarce and too small to have much value, except as a ground cover.

Have you tried planting your bulbs with any of the ground cover plants that will take away the bare look that most bulb beds have?

The area was heavily grazed by goats, hogs and horses and had little grass or other ground cover under the trees.

The ground cover is essentially the same as that in the pinyon-juniper-muttongrass association described previously.

Artemisia nova (black sagebrush) is present and grasses are the most abundant plants in the ground cover.

Grasses are dominant in the ground cover, and Sphaeralcea coccinea (globe mallow) is codominant.

The same three plants that are most abundant in the ground cover of the slope are also most abundant in the drainage.

The forest floor is well shaded by the coniferous canopy, and muttongrass is the dominant plant in the ground cover.