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freaking out

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  • verblose control
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Synonyms for freaking out

verb lose control
  • go crazy
  • lose it
  • blow a gasket
  • blow one's mind
  • blow one's stack
  • blow one's top
  • break down
  • come unglued
  • crack up
  • flip one's lid
  • flip out
  • fly off the handle
  • go ape
  • go ballistic
  • go bananas
  • go berserk
  • go haywire
  • go nuts
  • go off the deep end
  • hit the ceiling
  • lose control of oneself
  • lose one's composure
  • lose one's cool
  • lose one's mind
  • lose one's temper
  • wig out
  • work oneself up

More words related to freaking out


noun. nervous collapse

crack up

noun. mental breakdown


verb. become extraordinarily upset


noun. state of extreme upset

nervous breakdown

noun. mental exhaustion
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