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synonyms for firstclass

  • bountiful
  • effusive
  • excessive
  • extravagant
  • exuberant
  • generous
  • gorgeous
  • grand
  • lush
  • luxurious
  • opulent
  • plush
  • posh
  • profligate
  • ritzy
  • sumptuous
  • swanky
  • wasteful
  • exaggerated
  • free
  • abundant
  • copious
  • first-class
  • immoderate
  • impressive
  • improvident
  • inordinate
  • intemperate
  • liberal
  • luxuriant
  • munificent
  • openhanded
  • plentiful
  • prodigal
  • profusive
  • prolific
  • riotous
  • thriftless
  • unreasonable
  • unrestrained
  • unsparing
  • unstinging
  • wild
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antonyms for firstclass

  • austere
  • barren
  • depressed
  • destitute
  • economical
  • insufficient
  • lacking
  • mean
  • moderate
  • poor
  • reasonable
  • saving
  • sparse
  • stingy
  • thrifty
  • wanting
  • scanty
  • scarce
  • small
  • spare
  • detestable
  • normal
  • ordinary
  • unremarkable
  • usual
  • bad
  • inferior
  • minor
  • poor
  • secondary
  • unimportant
  • below
  • humble
  • lower
  • meek
        • bad
        • inferior
        • least
        • poor
        • second-rate
        • worst
        • minor
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                            How to use firstclass in a sentence

                            She's in a firstclass uproar as it is—like to see me in the frontlines right now, bursting with dulce et decorum.
                            GREENER THAN YOU THINKWARD MOORE
                            Will some pleashe pershon not now impediment so catastrophics mit agitation of firstclass tablenumpkin?
                            ULYSSESJAMES JOYCE
                            We then took our tickets, and exactly at seven o'clock were seated opposite each other in a firstclass railway carriage.
                            Many a' time had Barcroft seen a British battleship from above, but never before one of the firstclass units of the Kaiser's navy.
                            BILLY BARCROFT, R.N.A.S.PERCY F. WESTERMAN
                            He was, I understand, at one time a firstclass misdemeanant in Glencree reformatory.
                            ULYSSESJAMES JOYCE
                            Ime af eared I've got a job on my hands makin a firstclass farmer out ov him.
                            SI KLEGG, BOOK 3 (OF 6)JOHN MCELROY
                            I'm all for not getting wet, with my rheumatic shoulder, and I hear you and Young Billy are a couple of firstclass cooks.
                            THE REASON WHYELINOR GLYN
                            This Captain Rovsing was not only a firstclass engineer, but also an able and good man in other respects.
                            REMINISCENCESHANS MATTSON
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