Synonyms for false arrest

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Making trouble for Jurgens—could have been charged as false arrest.

But before you do it, lemme warn you I'll sue you for false arrest, and then where'll you be?

Sue had revenge in her heart for the insult and humiliation of false arrest.

They must be pretty desperate when they resort to such tactics as false arrest.

And you'll get soaked for about twenty thousand dollars for false arrest!

Besides, that let the Dutchman out of a possible suit for false arrest.

There was never a suit for false arrest during General Wallace's administration.

I suppose you're going to slap a suit for false arrest on the Casino now, eh, counselor?

Against the former there is now pending one felony charge, that of false arrest and imprisonment.

They screamed their heads off and threatened suit for slander and false arrest and everything else in the books.