Antonyms for correctives

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Slavery is an interest which is sure to break over all restraints and correctives.

Yet these two extremes find their correctives in themselves.

I must see the means of correcting the plan, where correctives would be wanted.

A few considerations may be recalled as correctives for a partial or mistaken reading of the evidence.

To purify confined or infectious air by means of smoke, sulphuric acid, vinegar, and other correctives.

In democratic countries we add critical examination after the event, and free discussion of future policy as correctives to error.

He's always taking things that disagrees with him, and what he calls the "correctives" makes him worse.

You learn very soon how to take him, and when distrust begins one has correctives in Gardiner and Ranke.

But what checks, what correctives, what remedies, would the Preacher have us apply to the diseased tendencies of the time?

And we are to take these checks as correctives, to find in the losses which men inflict the gifts of a gracious God.