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Contextual targeting, and how can they access contextual targeting as a supplement to audience targeting, they want to talk about that more than they ever have before.
As with Target CPA and Target ROAS, this bidding strategy draws from a mix of historical data and contextual cues to optimize ad placements.
Subway is already working with GumGum, an ad tech company that specializes in contextual advertising, and is planning to broker deals, with publishers directly or via the Ozone alliance so it can run more contextual campaigns.
These data could inform a more expansive analysis that accounts for additional factors such as calls for service, crime rates and other contextual factors.
Taking intent and contextual meaning into account broadens the search and is beneficial to those retailers attempting to reach an audience who might not know exactly what they want but are interested in starting a purchase journey.
If people opt-out of being tracked by a mobile identifier they will still be shown ads, but they’ll be based on different methods like contextual targeting.
In other words, Ekstra Bladet execs can vouch for how all its audiences and contextual segments are being built.
They need to know why it works, and what contextual and individual factors may qualify general findings.
The majority of contextual links do seem to cite the aforementioned informational sources, but there are exceptions, such as the Business Insider link in the example below.
We continue to have important discussions with marketers about the shift to contextual targeting and how this can be even more effective for them.


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