Antonyms for concentric

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If there is any truth in the concentric ring theory, this is easily proved.

One of the casts showed a round stone with concentric circles.

The place was built in concentric circles, level above level.

They are made in sets of arcs of concentric circles (see fig. 80, A).

More than 25,000 men and thieves gathered in concentric circles about the stand.

The concentric circles must be to indicate the order of the letters.

Most of the starch granules are marked by a series of concentric rings.

Several rows of holes are drilled in it in concentric circles.

The Tetrasphrida, or the Sphroidea with four concentric shells, are in general not frequent, and not rich in different forms.

The Medullary Shell, in the middle of the central capsule, is either single or double, composed of two concentric shells.