Antonyms for co-ordinates

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He gave your co-ordinates and ordered Mullins to launch a missile.

They may be called (in a generalized sense) the co-ordinates of the lamina.

I understand you once knew ray-screens, co-ordinates and parabolics.

It is convenient to use these rather than Cartesian co-ordinates.

The body is the storm centre, the origin of co-ordinates, the constant place of stress in all that experience-train.

Co-ordinates were not given and I checked the planetary co-ordinates with the call sign and the Communications List.

At a determined moment the position of each body is fixed by its three co-ordinates.

We should also be able to remodel the system of co-ordinates in all kinds of ways, for example by extension or compression.

Lamont is not unhappy: he keeps his mind active by solving stiff quadratic equations and fiddling with Cartesian co-ordinates.

It gives, in short, the average tint of every unit of area in the picture, measured from the fiducial lines as co-ordinates.