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This process of cell division is known as karyokinesis or aryomitosis.

Fertilization, cell division, and differentiation emphasized.

The original function of reproduction, that of cell division, is the part of the female.

The first indication of the cell division is shown by the chromatin fibres.

It is the Malpighian layer of the epidermis that is most active in cell division.

This process of cell division, known as fission, is continued until growth ceases and is especially characteristic of bacteria.

If the second cell division plane is formed at right angles to the first, a cell surface or tetrad is formed.

Only the season's rootlets and leafy shoots are soft and alive and capable of lengthening by cell division.

Here, as in stems, cell division is not modified, but the growth of the individual cell is increased.

The natural mechanism for this purpose is cell division and nuclear division.