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In fact, if he offers to do so, it looks as though he were running a bucket shop.

Of course, if you take the bucket shop's advice you surely are likely to be wrong.

Once bit, twice shy; and as for the bucket shop, I'll have none of it.

Creed is as akin to righteousness as a 'bucket shop' to the kingdom of heaven.

It made Rockefeller's little kerosene speculation look like a bucket shop.

A bucket shop is destroyed if it loses its supply of quotations.

Using the methods it does, the "bucket shop" is twice dishonored.

Well, said he, thats all right, but I knew a man that made a whole barrel out of a bucket shop.

A bucket shop is where you can buy stock in small lots, putting down a dollar a share as margin.

The bucket shop posts them as the terms upon which its patrons may make bets with the keeper.