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"She's 'nough like my Pharaoh's Daughter to be a blood relation," she remarked.

He is your blood relation, and must receive you in a friendly way.

He was an orphan, with hardly a blood relation in the world.

Just going in for a drink with old Jack—everybody does that; and after all he's no blood relation.

He can exact no truckling homage where every member of the tribe is a blood relation.

It is unlucky for a bridegroom to have for his "best-man" one who is not his blood relation.

Every spire of pine along the hill-top, every trouty pool along that mountain river, was more dear to me than a blood relation.

It is certainly convenient to be able to allude, if it be but once in a year, to some blood relation.

Usually he was a distant kinsman, but whether a blood relation or not, we regarded all Welshmen as belonging to our clan.

Walter Rossel had not one blood relation in the whole company, but he considered himself one of the Perier family.