28 Funny Typos That Spell Check Didn’t Catch

Putting words down in writing comes with inherent risks: spelling errors! Luckily, a misplaced letter or two doesn’t typically result in catastrophe. Of course, nowadays when writing on a computer, spellcheckers help catch the majority of everyone’s misspelled flubs (whew!). But, even then, those programs don’t find every error . . . porn on the cob, anyone?

Whether online or off, the following erroneous examples prove how tiny spelling errors can be HUGE (and hilarious) mistakes!

WATCH: Bunglesome: Visual Word Of The Day

My, my! Poor FDR had a cold, but the coed he was in bed with must have warmed him up!

If a preface is at the beginning of a book, is a peeface a really uncomfortable and disgusting beginning . . . maybe a warning of what could happen if you read it?

“Love is sweat” . . . and blood, and tears, and sometimes love is even sweet!

As long as it’s “homemade,” it must be delicious, right? Store-bought crap dip on the other hand . . .

Well, we are guessing this person has plenty of regerts. Permanently visible regrets.

Well, at least it’s cheap. Plus, if birds tweet, then brids “teewt.” So, that’s cool.

Too cool for school. Maybe, this person should have stayed in school . . .

A chive can be in whatever salad or dip or omelette it wants! (P.S. tattoos are painful, but misspelled tattoos achieve a whole ‘nother level of pain.)

Speaking of painful . . . The Charlotte Observer meant herniated disc when describing basketball player Baron Davis’s back injury. In response, Davis tweeted “Thanks Charlotte Observer for announcing my new injury. Still able to workout with it. Lol.” At least he’s got a sense of humor!

Important message for both techers and kids: Say no to drugs!

Poor drugger . . . we mean drummer! How many innocent musicians have become accidental druggies because of this spelling error? (Unfortunately, given the industry, it is all too easy to believe.)

No! Does that really say s&*t? The letters i and o are just too close to each other for some people’s stubby fingers. Guess you can be prepared with Pentax to take a shot of your latest s&*t.

Holy guacamole. How many of those billboards went up?

Mmm, nothing like the scent of pukin to make your guests leave.

Brrr, a$$ cold must be freezing!

Good, one less thing to worry about.

Well, that won’t pass health inspection, but what do we know?

Launch dinners must be what astronauts eat in outer space.

Excellent! The poop emoji’s been looking for a new job. ?

Pure cause and effect: Pick up something at the drive-thru, leave with a loaded bowel. Hope you make it home in time to relieve it.

Unfortunately, pubic makes a very public appearance all the time because people accidentally drop the l. The Princess is getting a little risque these days, no?

See what we mean? Always look for the l! You’ll need it way more often than not. Without it, the School of Pubic Affairs becomes the place where all the groinocologists get their degrees. Embarrassing!

Probably not as delicious as it sounds. And, if those fried things were called “babies” as written on the cup, they’d still taste gross.

Please “GO SLOW” when you edit your writing so you are not porn to accidents like this!

We can think of nothing worse than to smell a man’s colon. Remember, ladies and gents, the colon connects to your rectum. Do roses really smell like poo?

The real “Battle of the Sexes”?

Nothing like a fully stocked panty at the office.

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