10 Of The Happiest Phrases And Sayings

Why don't you knock off early

This informal usage of the word knock off here will automatically put a smile (but not too big so you can keep some dignity) on your face. This phrase means pack it up . . . go on, get outta here, scoot, have a good night! And, when this phrase is used, it’s pretty clear that wherever you are is somewhere you’re happy to be leaving early.

(The other prime definition of knock-off applies to the faux Rolex you bought on the street for $20—a not-so happy phrase if you thought you were sporting the real deal.)

Donuts in the break room

These words are sure to perk up your morning, even if they are in email form. You prairie dog over the top of your cube and, sure enough, there are the telltale pink boxes with the lids propped open.

Now, if only you can get there in time to swipe the rare chocolate sprinkled one . . . .

No homework this weekend

Homework is the bane of a student’s existence. When the teacher looks up at the clock on a Friday afternoon and says “Enjoy your weekend, no homework!”, you’re out of the door before the clock strikes 3:01 (with a smile on your face to boot).

Netflix and chill, anyone?

You're getting a raise (or bonus)

You’ve worked hard at the office (or wherever) all year long. It would be nice to get some type of tangible reward, right? After all, the cost of living doesn’t go down.

Well, the boss just confirmed that raises will be given this year, so save (or spend) wisely because you’re in for an extra treat.

I appreciate you

Three simple words that mean a lot. Someone values you and holds you in high regard. Yet, this phrase is heard so rarely.

The next time someone says this to you, be sure to say it back because it’s pretty certain they haven’t received the same kind remark in quite some time either.

I made cookies

Chances are that if they are straight out of the oven (tollhouse cookies, we’re casting a longing gaze at you), you will smell them before hearing those magnificent three words. Let’s hope they also brought you a glass of milk. And, even if they aren’t piping hot, a fresh-baked cookie in the office kitchen is just as good on a slow-moving Wednesday.

(Cupcakes and muffins also work here.)

I'm buying

The clock strikes noon, and two things happen simultaneously. One, you head toward the cafeteria to eat the lunch you brought for the day: the usual bologna sandwich and apple. And two, your work BFF cuts you off and says “get your coat, I’m buying.”

Words that are sure to perk you up midday, right?

Three-day weekend

Three really, just truly amazing words with a melodious cadence to boot! Normally, Friday and Saturday nights are fun time, stay out late, sleep in late, all good stuff. And then, Sunday night you’re back to studying for Monday’s test or working on that report that’s due before the morning conference call.

However, with a three-day weekend, you can hit the road for a quick ski getaway or just have one more night of fun (while still getting paid for that missed workday). Ah, that’s relaxing.

I'm proud of you

Similar in tone and style to the preceding “I appreciate you,” when someone says they are proud of you, it means you have done something pretty awesome or acted in such a way as to warrant respect.

Keep up the good work, you deserve that prideful feeling.

I like your shirt!

When we choose our daily wardrobe, we’re expressing our own personal style. And, when someone drops by and says “I like your shirt” that’s without a doubt a self-esteem booster.

Even though your first response will probably be “Really?” . . . since the last time you heard such a compliment was from dear ol’ mom when you were in middle school, it’s a genuine mood booster and will make you feel pretty sharp.

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