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clamber is a synonym of climb

verb [ klam-ber, klam-er ]

clamber is another word for climb

Climb covers all means of physically going up or reaching the top of something using one’s hands or feet or both—climbing a rope, a mountain, or the stairs. Clamber suggests a difficult or awkward climb that requires the use of both hands and feet: clambered up the rockface, the ladder, or aboard the ship. In actual usage, clamber is sometimes used for a more crawl-like action: clambered along a 40-foot log; clambering among the ruins. And to say that climbing plants clamber up walls (using their tendrils) is also an acceptable use.

Commonly found as

clamber + ladder
She clambered up the ladder after the cat, who had just done the same, but with more grace.
clamber + side
Someone spotted the burglar clambering up the side of the building and called the police.

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ambivalent is a synonym of uncertain

adjective [ am-biv-uh-luhnt ]

ambivalent is another word for uncertain

Both adjectives can be used to describe when a person is unsure or doubtful about something. Someone who looks uncertain or who is uncertain what to do, think, or choose simply may not know what to do or think, out of lack of confidence. Ambivalent suggests having two conflicting or opposing feelings simultaneously, and for this reason being undecided: I’m ambivalent about the movie. There is a tendency to use ambivalent in contrast to affirmative or positive, so it seems to suggest a degree of negativity towards something based on a lack of decisive sentiment: You seem ambivalent about going out with her.

Commonly found as

ambivalent relationship
The occupied country had an ambivalent relationship with the occupiers, benefiting from increased trade but suffering from more restrictions on their civil liberties.
ambivalent about
She was ambivalent about both candidates, which made it extra difficult to cast her vote.

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fracas is a synonym of fight

noun [ frey-kuhs, frak-uhs ]

fracas is another word for fight

No need for these two words to duke it out; each one has its place. Fight refers to, among other things, a physical struggle or contest between two or more people, with or without weapons: sent home from school for fighting. Fracas has a much more particular and vivid meaning. For fracas to be a strong substitute for fight, the conflict in question must be a loud and disorderly scuffle and involve anywhere from two people to a small group. A fracas could break out or erupt among football supporters in the stands, between a belligerent drunk and the police, or even on the floor of a government’s parliament.

Commonly found as

fracas + ensue
The baseball landed in the stands, and a fracas ensued among the unruly fans.
fracas + injure
One police officer was injured in the fracas outside Miami’s notorious nightclub.

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