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Saturday, June 27, 2020


atrocious is a synonym of bad

adjective [ uh-troh-shuhs ]

atrocious is another word for bad

When something is so bad you're shocked by it, atrocious may be the only adjective that fits the bill. In an exaggerated sense, atrocious can refer to something tasteless or unbearably bad. For example, "She was wearing an atrocious hat," or "His spelling was atrocious." In these examples, the offense is relatively minor. But atrocious can also be used to describe something of much greater offense marked by extreme cruelty.

Commonly found as

absolutely atrocious
Even though the student worked hard on it every day, the teacher kept telling her that her spelling was hard to read and absolutely atrocious.
atrocious crime, atrocious behavior
The dictator had committed atrocious crimes such as mass incarceration and torture throughout his time in power.

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Friday, June 26, 2020


wonderful is a synonym of great

adjective [ wuhn-der-fuhl ]

wonderful is another word for great

Great is an easy word to overuse, in part because it covers so much ground. It can mean important, vast, or even skillful. But when you're looking for a more lively and emphatic term to describe something as excellent or first-rate, wonderful is a nice option. Wonderful, in its most literal sense, means "full of wonder." It connotes a sense of astonishment, surprise, or admiration, which is perhaps why it's so frequently followed by an exclamation mark! But be careful, because just like great, wonderful can be used in an ironic sense to mean just the opposite, as in, "After arriving late to a meeting and seeing his boss look at him angrily, he sighed to himself, 'wonderful.'"

Commonly found as

wonderful experience
In a letter to her professors, the enthusiastic student wrote that her time at the university had been a wonderful experience.
weird and wonderful
The children felt truly lucky to have seen such weird and wonderful creatures during their visit to the aquarium.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar