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Swan took over a troubled giant, as Intel was struggling to perfect new technology to squeeze more transistors onto each processing chip.

From Fortune

There are a lot of options to go through, but the effort to find the best computer speakers will be worth it when you’re upgrading from sound that’s transistor-radio quality to audio that can fill your entire home.

Putting more transistors on a chip may increase the computing power but also draws more power and complicates the design in other ways.

From Fortune

Digital computers harness the power of hundreds of millions if not billions of transistors that are each fundamentally a simple on-off switch.

Memristor-based neuromorphic chips, for example, mimic the brain by putting processing and memory into individual transistor-like components.

People had been carrying around music for several years – transistor radios, the Walkman, etc.

Electronically, that machine is the equivalent of an early transistor radio.

At the Namegabe home, the transistor radio, charged with batteries, was the property of the men.

The electrical properties of this odd specimen are unusual and interesting and could lead to a new type of transistor.

There was a miniature pocket radio—a transistor radio—on top of the short wave cabinet.

The PDP-3 circuitry is the static type using saturating transistor flip-flops and, for the most part, transistor switch elements.

You mean them tiny transistor things that feelie actors have stuck in their heads?

It was a tiny transistor, an integral part of modern electronic apparatus.


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