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Marr advises that wearers should throw their mask out if they see any damage to the material, or if the straps begin to weaken.
Don’t take the easy road and twist the ear loops to make the straps shorter, since this will pinch the top and bottom corners of each side together and make the side-gap even larger.
You can also tuck away the chin strap inside the hat, allowing for an easy transition from the lineup to land.
The nylon strap with two sliding toggles on these keeps them secure without any noticeable points of contact, so the Leggero remains surprisingly comfortable, even after a long day of use.
It weighs a hair over a pound and features an adjustable head strap.
The screen flips up, however, so it’s parallel with the ground, which means you can leave it hanging on the strap and look down to shoot, just like you would with a film Hasselblad.
Even so, the straps create plenty of tension, which kept the mask firmly attached to my face.
A heart-rate monitor or other fitness wearable, such as the Whoop strap, which calculates recovery based on perceived strain and sleep quality, may also help you avoid overtraining.
It also comes with an attached strap, so you can take your music on the go.
The problem is it’s barely adjustable, with just an inside strap that sits right atop your head.


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