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Those cleared included homes with mounting coronavirus outbreaks before or during the inspections, as well as those that saw cases and deaths spiral upward after inspectors reported no violations had been found, in some cases multiple times.
Beyond the spiral arms of our galaxy lies a giant halo of hot gas.
Multiple poll workers withdrew during the April primary as the pandemic spiraled out of control.
This tension could spiral into various unpleasant scenarios of varying danger or risk to the country.
Deprived of his right to exercise his talent, Taku SEKINE, who lived for the kitchen, within two months locked himself in a violent spiral of depression.
This disparity between the public and private sectors is spiraling out of control.
When Kirkwood arrived at the scene, he said, the situation was spiraling out of control.
Gently flatten spiral with your hand to form a 9-inch circle, sprinkling lightly with more flour if needed to prevent from sticking.
It also follows a series of debacles that climaxed with the city scrambling in January to evacuate city employees after more than a dozen asbestos violations amid a major renovation that spiraled out of control.
If you could do this without things spiraling out of control — if you can have an argument.


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